Available Courses

Highly Automated Drive Engineer

The development of vehicles’ active safety systems has reached the level when the human driver can be helped or partially substituted by control systems. With highly automated or with self-drive vehicles road safety can be largely improved in the future.
Vehicle controlling is a complex science. The design of a control architecture needs knowledge about the vehicle specific sensors, actuators and dynamics. The different parts can be designed and tested in different environments like in simulation environments or on the public road.

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ADAS/ADF Testing and Validation Engineer

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are an essential part of autonomous vehicles. The automation of road vehicles and road transport is in a high focus in the last decade and it will be one of the most important development area in the next years.
The course gives a general overview of connected and automated driving. It presents examples for automated in-vehicle functions and also the standardized SAE classification. It shows the development steps: simulation, laboratory, proving ground and public road testing and also the homologation, which has not yet been fully standardized.

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