Cloud Based Digital Twin and Smart Infrastructure System

Our cloud based system realizes a transport system using the highest level state of the art technology to provide a holistic solution to support and operate autonomous vehicles in cooperation with infrastructure elements. The scalable system supports vehicle testing and development purposes as well as special automated use-cases with the potential of real transport operation in the future.

Our solution collects all information from both vehicle and infrastructure side and fuses them together in a cloud based, real time digital twin representing the traffic environment with high precision.

Intelligent services relying on this comprehensive world model extend and outperform the solutions based on individual platforms. The system is also able to manage the control of multiple vehicles and other entities in real time.

The system is modular and provides high level of flexibility offering several options for interfacing and function integration.

Digital Twin

Creation of highly detailed digital copy of the real-world traffic

  • Static level with HD map information
  • Real-time dynamic Information based on Infrastructure and vehicle sensors (GNSS, dynamic data and perception data) data
  • Derived data from dynamic information (e.g. Traffic density,…)

Real-time communication of the Digital Twin data

  • Available now via Collective Perception Message (CPM) and SENSORIS standards
  • Low latency, DSRC and 5G communication support

Cloud Based Control

Real-time remote vehicle control (e.g. Teleoperation, Cloud Based Central Control)

  • AGV (Logistics)
  • Automated vehicles
  • Driving robot
  • Sensor Based Digital Twin
  • Cloud based decisions and control

External control of ADAS targets

  • Guided soft targets
  • Soft pedestrian target

External control of ADAS targets

  • Matlab Simulink
  • Python
  • Custom needs/solutions

Mixed Reality Test Support

Mixed reality solution provides more freedom in testing

  • Cheaper, safer and faster option for reproduceable testing

Mixed Reality scenarios contain real and virtual objects at the same time

  • Real-time digital twin is running continuously
  • Virtual objects can be injected into the scene, impacting the Vehicle Under Test’s behavior (ViL)
  • System can control real test elements (ADAS targets, remote vehicles) at the same time

Dynamic and static ground truth (for vehicle testing)

Dynamic and static ground truth can be extracted from the digital twin


  • HD map of the area
  • Infrastructure sensor based digital twin dynamic data (Real-time or Offline)
  • Vehicle based ground truth (roof sensors)
  • Differential GNSS based dynamic data (Real-time or Offline)
  • Drone based sensor information (Offline evaluation)

Scenario Extraction

Scenario selection based on real-time analysis of digital twin

  • Infrastructure sensor systems produce high amount of data

The system offers a solution for extracting the useful scenarios

  • Continuous real time processing of sensor's data
  • Automated situation analysis
  • The scenarios are rated according to their importance
  • Storing only the valuable data

Test environments with the support of BME Automated Drive

proving ground

  • full Sensor coverage on the smart city and motorway modules
  • 5G propriety network
  • ITS-G5 coverage
  • Intelligent traffic lights
  • servers and cloud
  • available GNSS RTK service
  • available test equipment (AB dynamics)
  • dedicated optical network connection to BME

Hungarian Motorway M1-M7

  • 1.5 km long section with full sensor coverage
  • 100.000 vehicles/day
  • VMS control integration
  • available GNSS RTK service
  • available ITS-G5 coverage
  • dedicated optical network connection to BME and ZalaZONE
  • Hungarian Public Roads cooperation

Hungarian Motorway M76

  • 12 km long smart section with full sensor coverage
  • 75 sensor stations
  • GNSS RTK service
  • ITS-G5 and 5G coverage
  • dedicated optical network connection to BME and ZalaZONE
  • Can be closed from public traffic – half closure – up to 270 km/h testing
  • Hungarian Public Roads cooperation