Vehicle Dynamics and Control Team
Team leader

After graduating as an automotive engineer at TU Budapest, Dr. BÁRDOS began his Ph.D. research in 2010 at the Department of Automobile Technology in the field of diesel engine air-path control. Aiming to gain not only academic but an industrial experience, he started to work in the Advanced Engineering Team in Knorr-Bremse R&D Center Budapest. Since then he has been working on several innovative projects in various fields, including the development of a truck able to maneuver autonomously on a logistics yard, diesel engine control, steering and brake system, and function development. For completing his knowledge with business and leadership aspects, he began MBA studies in 2014 and graduated in 2016. From the autumn of 2019, he is a permanent research fellow of the Department of Automotive Technologies. His research interest includes the modeling and control of engine and vehicle dynamics systems. His current activities are focused on vehicle motion control at handling limits.

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